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Birželis 16, 2020
Norim informuoti apie sandėlio darbo pasikeitimus Birželio mėn.:
Birželis 16, 2020
Norim informuoti apie sandėlio darbo pasikeitimus Birželio mėn.
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Pure Storage Announces Expansion to FlashArray Product Line, Delivers Powerful NVMe Flash for All Data

Spalis 31, 2019

Pure Storage Announces Expansion to FlashArray Product Line, Delivers Powerful NVMe Flash for All Data

Expanded Pure Portfolio Makes Customer Data More Accessible Than Ever Before

Pure Storage, the fastest growing data storage company, announced an expansion of the Pure Storage FlashArray™ product line built to deliver a modern data management experience for customers. Pure is the first and only vendor to enable faster access to data wherever customers need it by delivering flash at disk prices.


FlashArray//C, the industry’s first capacity-optimized all-flash array, is built to bring consistent all-flash performance with tier one reliability at disk economics. DirectMemory Cache, a combination of Purity and Intel Optane storage class memory, provides FlashArray//X customers with a software-based accelerant that delivers dramatic performance improvement for applications that require the ultimate in high-performance storage.

“Businesses in every industry today rely on data analytics to make critical decisions,” said Prakash Darji, General Manager for FlashArray, Pure Storage. “Modern business requires fast access to all data, affordably, whether it’s mission critical or tier two and tier three workloads and applications. While this has historically been cost prohibitive for customers, FlashArray//C breaks down new economic barriers and enables faster access to data wherever customers need it.”


Today, the majority of organizations need to access their data at any given moment to drive better business results and decision making. Due to economic constraints, tier two applications have long been anchored down by disk technologies, which results in inconsistent latency, management complexity, and forklift replacements every three-to-five years. For organizations that require data availability across all workload tiers, FlashArray//C provides a cost-competitive, modern flash alternative to hybrid disk or cold storage options.


With FlashArray//C, customers can rely on storage solutions for historically less mission-critical workloads at a cost competitive with archaic hybrid and disk-based solutions. This provides customers with faster access to consistently latent data and helps them make better, more informed business decisions.

Like all products in the FlashArray family line, FlashArray//C provides a no-compromise enterprise experience built for >99.9999 percent availability, Pure1® cloud data management, API automation, AI-driven predictive support, and is built from the ground up to be Evergreen™ with non-disruptive hardware and software upgrades and no data migrations. The FlashArray//C60 delivers up to 4.2 petabytes of effective capacity in a sleek and compact design, with full-enterprise software services, Pure1 cloud management and data portability, and 100 percent NVMe flash. Customers will benefit from 99.9999 percent availability, 5:1 average data reduction and 10:1 total efficiency, reducing the amount of storage customers need to purchase and manage. FlashArray//C is generally available now and optimized for next generation QLC media.

DirectMemory Cache

Modern database and analytics requirements have increased customer requirements for storage performance. Pure Storage DirectMemory Modules plug directly into FlashArray//X70 and //X90 to speed up OLTP and OLAP results instantly, allowing customers to continue innovating without downtime or configuration required. Pure’s DirectMemory Modules are powered by DirectMemory Cache software and Intel Optane storage class memory, to provide customers with a performance boost, so latency sensitive databases and enterprise applications can act faster, with a 25 to 50 percent latency reduction and up to 25 percent lower CPU utilization for greater compute efficiency and potentially lower software license costs.


Mission critical applications require a strong combination of memory, CPU, servers and accelerated storage to provide enterprises with more levels of insight and faster time to resolution so Pure customers are able to resolve problems faster for their own customers. DirectMemory Cache can accelerate the performance of critical applications by 2x, lowering latency as much as 50 percent. DirectMemory Cache provides storage-class memory acceleration to existing customers, with no disruption and no configuration required.

FlashArray//C, DirectMemory Cache software, DirectMemory Modules, and previously announced Cloud Block Store are already be available for purchase.


 To learn more about how Pure Storage, please contact kaspars.stankevics@asbis.lv

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